Karhatsu IT Consulting Oy

Photo I have 20 years of experience in software development. I have strong team leading skills but after all these years I still prefer to be hands-on programmer in the team. I got two master’s degrees, one from economics and one from computer science.

My passion is to build the right software right. I hate working with things that do not matter. I hate building bad software. But I love building great software that brings real value.

Previous projects and customers

Neverthink, 8/2017-8/2021
VP of Engineering
Leading the development team. Implementing the Neverthink architecture: database, APIs, various clients (Web, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Samsung TV, Oculus, KaiOS), in-house analytics with AWS.
Postgres, Redis, NodeJS, React, React Native, and long list of different AWS tools (EC2, Cloudfront, S3, Redshift, etc,...)
AppGyver, 1/2017-8/2017
Ruby & JavaScript developer
Building AppGyver's no-code platform
Ruby, NodeJS, JavaScript, Angular, Crystal
Sanoma Oyj, 11/2013-12/2016
Scrum Master & JavaScript / Java developer
Building a shared customer service (oma.sanoma.fi), sales site, and SSO for all the Sanoma's strong brands like HS, Ruutu, and several magazines. This succeeded because of high quality in the service we built and because of successful co-operation with different stakeholders. Before that project I was Scrum Master & Java Developer in a project where we renewed the HS sales site.
JavaScript, Java, React, Fluxible
Posti Oyj, 4/2011-10/2013
Scrum Master & Java developer
I was in multiple projects. We built the initial version of OmaPosti with the address book and card sending service. Later I switched to NetPosti team and also worked at Itella Verkosto.
JavaScript, Java, React, Fluxible
Nokia Oyj, 1/2011-4/2011
Scrum Master
I was Scrum Master in two different Nokia MeeGo teams.
Check my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in longer history of my projects, all the way to the beginning of 2000.

Private projects live

Hirviurheilu, 2010-
Scoring service for the official sports of Finnish Hunters' Association. The service has been used in several Finnish championships and in hundreds of smaller competitions.
Postgres, Ruby on Rails, React
fudisturnaus.com, 2019-
Free scoring service for junior football tournaments. Initially for personal need, nowadays just for fun and public benefit.
Postgres, Ruby on Rails, React
Suosikkipysäkit, 2012-
Android application for finding quickly the next departures from your favorite Helsinki area public transportation stop.
Android, Java
Agiledata, 2015-
In the projects I'm in, we don't do much estimates (see #NoEstimates and my blog below). However, in some cases it's valuable to measure the task lead times and use the statistical data to e.g. forecast how much will it take to build a bigger than normal feature. That's why I built Agiledata.
Ruby on Rails
The source code for all these projects and some more is available on GitHub.

Old writings

Karhatsu Blog (2013-2016) — stories about (agile) software development, especially #NoEstimates
Building a Self-organizing Software Development Team: Multiple Case Study (2010) — Master's thesis, University of Helsinki
Joukkueurheiluyritysten menestystekijät (2003) — Master's thesis, Helsinki School of Economics